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Welcome to W&W Optik Herzogenaurach

We are committed to providing our customers with complete eye care - from eye test to follow-up maintenance. Personalized high quality service and customer satisfaction are essential to us. We strive for the most appropriate solutions to restore or preserve your vision.
For up-to-date technical and fashion expertise our specialized staff attend seminars and trade shows on a regular basis.
We are a member of the Scientific Association for Ophthalmic and Optometry (WVAO) and one of the satellite bases of "BlickMobil" from the University of Freiburg for specialized eye exams for children.

We, that is Inge Weiss and her highly committed team.
W&W Optik is looking forward to seeing you soon.


Here are a few of the designers we carry:


A contact lens evaluation is separate from a comprehensive eye exam and results in a second prescription. Since contact lenses actually lays directly on your eye it is important to conduct further tests to examine the fit of the lenses.

The initial fitting comprises of:

  • Analyzing of the complete front of the eye
  • Measurement of the cornea
  • Selection of the suitable type of lenses
  • Training for lens insertion and removal
  • Training for hygiene of lenses
  • Checking of trial lens fitting

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses please schedule an appointment for the examination.


The human eye is a very complex organ. Only individual an personalized high quality service allows for optimal results.
To ensure those results we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services for your eyesight to maintain healthy and clear vision:

  • Home visits
  • Barriere-free entrance
  • Ultrasond cleaning of glasses
  • Replacement of nose pads
  • Refitting of frames
  • Soldering
  • Sealing
  • Consultation for contact lenses
  • Evaluation of refractive conditions
  • Measurement of prism (MKH)
  • Lens replacement
  • Lens fit control
  • Expert repair services
  • Eyesight test for driver´s license
  • Specialized eye exams in our shop performend by "BlickMobil" for children

Our team

Inge Weiß

Birgit Baier

Alexandra Welker

Lydia Baier

Yvonne Stryz

Anja Lösch

Jolina Brehmer

Elena Eisen


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Hauptstraße 22 - 91074 Herzogenaurach
Tel: 09132 / 75901

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